Yoga Teacher Training for the 21st Century in the North-West of UK by Matt Ryan

Yoga Manchester’s Teacher Training Programme

A comprehensive 200 hour teacher-training course with an internationally acclaimed faculty fully accredited with The Independent Yoga Network. The course will start with an eight day intensive and continue with six weekend sessions over a total period of seven months.

Increase your knowledge of yoga with some of Europe’s leading yoga practitioners and academics. The course involves in depth study of yoga asana , pranayama, meditation , yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy and also the skills needed to launch your career as a yoga teacher.

The Yoga Manchester Teacher Training programme has been developed whether you want to become a yoga teacher or not. It will allow you to deepen into your own practice and understanding of yoga, providing you with all the necessary tools to become an ever-evolving student and teacher.

Course Overview

Asana : The YMTT will be based on two separate and complementary, approaches to delivering asana.  These are Yoga Motion, an interdisciplinary vinyasa style and Yoga for Sports.

Yoga Philosophy : Bringing together the ancient knowledge of East with the developments of the West

Anatomy : Understanding Anatomy & Physiology – including bio-mechanics of movement & exercise science.

Pranayama : The science and mechanics of yogic breathing.

Meditation : Developing a personal practice.

Business & Marketing skills :   Including how to set up a yoga class in your local area, creating a website and how to use Social Media.

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