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Yoga Manchester ‘sticky’ eco-friendly yoga mat

Yoga Manchester yoga sticky matThis Mat is ideal for both beginners and more advanced students, it provides perfect grip due to the unique ‘dot’ design. The 5mm thickness provides both comfort and support and the size (180 cm x 60 cm) is perfect for even the tallest students.

Yoga Manchester eco-friendly ‘sticky mat ‘in Yoga Manchester ‘Green’.

£20 members  £25 non members

The Mats are available at class or please contact us to arrange postage

 Yoga Manchester buckwheat ‘Zafu ‘

Yoga Manchester meditation cushion zafuThese meditation cushions are fully hand-made in the EEC using extremely high grade, clean and organic buckwheat hulls.Buckwheat hulls ensure ultimate support and fitting your body shape to ensure your pelvis remains above your knees.

The crescent shaped cushion provides better upper thigh support for maximum comfort.

This model is easy to store and carry around using its convenient handle and is certified Fire Retardant.

£20 members / £25 non members

The Zafus are available at class or please contact us to arrange postage

kino macgregor Wonderful mat fullWe have now got the Kino MacGregor endorsed Wonderful yoga mat now in stock.

The highly durable Wonderful yoga mat is for students committed to a regular yoga practice. The mat is 180 cm x 60 cm and 4mm thick. A mat of this quality usually retails for over £60 , but we are making this mat available to Yoga Manchester students for just £40. Drop us on email on if you want more information or how to purchase.

Having a top quality yoga mat like this can really help support your yoga practice.A proper mat provides comfort between the body and floor, cushioning hips, elbows, and knees when flowing through the poses.

Yo Manc T-Shirt and Vests

YoManc T shirt Yoga Manchester
Be the coolest cat on the mat with our fabulous new tees (for men) and vest (for women) £15 + p&p.Please contact us for more information