Yoga Manchester bring a friend for FREE scheme

To celebrate the start of a new decade Yoga Manchester are delighted to introduce our ‘Bring a friend for FREE scheme’ in January 2020. This scheme is open to both regular Yoga Manchester students and also new comers to our classes.

Regular Yoga Manchester students

As a regular yoga student it’s always hard to convince our friends and family just how good yoga can make you feel , so we are making things a little easier for you by allowing you to bring them along to try a class for FREE.

This offer is open to ALL Yoga Manchester students.

First Time Yoga Students to Yoga Manchester

It’s always a task trying anything for the first time , and even harder to do it alone. So Yoga Manchester will allow you to come to your first Yoga Manchester class and bring someone with you and just pay for one person.

Drop us an email at to let us know which class you want to attend so we can get you both booked in.