Yoga Express Chorlton

The Yoga Express sequence is a short energising mind and body workout for people on the go. At just 45 minutes, the session will combine Yoga postures that increase flexibility, fitness and strength and is the perfect way to start your weekend.

As dedicated yoga practitioners, we know the benefits that regular Yoga practice can provide, not just in terms of improving your body condition, strength, fitness and flexibility, but also helping with chronic pain, mental well being and improving the quality of sleep.

Like you , we at Yoga Manchester have busy lives and find it difficult to maintain a regular 90 minute Yoga practice alongside work commitments and family responsibilities. After discovering that other people feel this way too, we put our heads together and the Yoga Express ethos was born! We developed Yoga Express, with its short but effective sequences, not to dilute or make the practice easier, but as a way to integrate Yoga into a daily or weekly routine and to reap the many benefits it can provide, whilst leaving you with plenty of time to do the things you love.

Spending a little time stretching¬† and strengthening your body boosts your energy and enthusiasm, and releases tension from your long week at work. You’ll leave us feeling recharged and ready for making the most of your weekend with family and friends.

This class begins on Saturday 21st September 2013. This class will be a free taster to all who show up. For class details click here