YogaMotion: Awaken Deep Strength

28 Jan 2017
Withington Methodist Church, Wilmslow Rd, M20 4AN
£10 / £8

Join Charlene McAuley for an extended class addressing to abdominal and pelvic strength to support the lower back when on and off the mat.

As one of the most bendy, weight bearing areas of the spine, the lower back is the bridge between the upper and lower body. In evolutionary terms, the lumbar is a bit of a flawed design and it’s little surprise that most people are afflicted by back pain at some point whether it’s work, lifestyle, or even yoga-related.

In the YogaMotion: Awaken Deep Strength extended class, you will learn how to switch on the deep core muscles as well as the hip stabilisers to move more efficiently and without pain. Strengthening movements will allow you to know when the abdominopelvic area is working and witness just how much it contributes to most asanas, particularly back and forward bends.

Perfect for both beginners and advanced students as there will be variations every step of the way, the class will begin with activating those muscles that provide stability to the lower back and pelvis. We will then traverse through a flowing practice including balances, back bends, and twists to identify if/when we lose connection with our deep strength, before ending with a releasing exercise and Savasana. Expect to increase the understanding of your own body as well as a few giggles and perhaps a drop or three of perspiration!

Saturday 28th January 10am-12pm with Charlene McAuley