Yoga for cyclists

1 Jan 1970
Withington Methodist Church, Wilmslow Rd, M20 4AN

Ride geared, fixed, a unicycle or a penny-farthing? The class is suitable for all cyclists, whether you are a commuter, tourer, racer or fair-weather cyclist. Although the workshop will primarily reference cycling, it will certainly be beneficial to participants of other sports.

During this workshops students will be lead through a specially designed sequence intended to build strength in areas that will improve performance and stretch areas prone to tightness.

We will be moving through a series of postures that:

· Stretch the hamstrings
· Stretch and strengthen the quadriceps
· Open the upper back and shoulders
· Increase core strength
· Create freedom in the hips and groin
· Improve focus
· Develop breath awareness
· Help prevent injury

Marie teaches Yoga for Sports in Chorlton and Beginners Workshops and has been cycling on Manchester’s lumpy roads for a number of years.

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