The Mind & Body of Ashtanga Yoga – a 1 day workshop with Matt Ryan.

19 Feb 2022
Space at the Mill , Wellington Mill, Duke St, Manchester M3 4NF, UK
£50 - individual sessions £20

The Mind & Body of Ashtanga Yoga a one day workshop in 3 parts with Matt Ryan.

Ashtanga Yoga is a mind & body yoga practice that is evenly split – 50 % mind, 50 % body. In this 1 day workshop Matt will be exploring both sides of the Ashtanga mind body coin with sessions on each as individuals and finishing the day combining both with a full primary led class.


Discovering the Inner World of Ashtanga 10 am – 11.30 am

 Yoga and Meditation are synonyms   – David Williams

It’s so easy to get lost in the physical aesthetic of Ashtanga that the more subtle internal practice gets lost in the noise. Using the practices of Ashtanga and Zazen (Zen meditation) Matt will be teaching students how to allow both practices to ‘inform’ each other to create a much deeper more focused on the mat experience. The mind component of Ashtanga Yoga is integral to the whole foundation of the practice and to the complete understanding of the external physical form.


10 % further for Mind and Body 12pm – 1.30 pm

Using the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series as a base, Matt will be talking through each posture with tips and advice on how by making simple mind and body adjustments students can find deeper levels of flexibility and concentration. Also by employing the methods taught in this session students can learn how to more mindful of their practice and this in turn will help to prevent injury through learning how not to force or over stretch the body in postures. This is a perfect workshop for both new comers and seasoned pros to Ashtanga.

Mind & Body

The OG Full Primary Series Led Class with traditional vinyasa count 2.30pm-4.30pm

In a led class the teacher calls out the names of the postures in sequence and counts the correct vinyasa in traditional Sanskrit with all students moving together as a group. Learning the correct vinyasa gives the student a deeper understanding of the practice. This session will feature an extended back bending sequence and guided meditation to close.

When : Saturday 19th February 2022

Where : Space at the Mill Studio Wellington Mill, Duke St, Manchester M3 4NF

Cost : Full day £50 individual sessions £20.

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