Revitalise and Restore with Eleanor Coates

25 Feb 2017
Withington Methodist Church, Wilmslow Rd, M20 4AN
£10 / £8

Our yoga practice is here to teach us the art of balance in our lives, so it is necessary to manage this balance in our practice on the mat as our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing calls for different techniques at different times of our lives.

This workshop aims to highlight how you can access both the revitalising and uplifting properties of a yang style practice (one that focuses on dynamic movement with strength and core stability) with the deep and relaxing nature of yin yoga (which focuses on postures being held for a few minutes at a time to find a sense of release in body and mind).

We will be working with opposite and complementary principles of yoga to find a sense of equilibrium – the first half of the workshop will be influenced by the Ashtanga primary sequence to generate an internal heat whilst stretching and strengthening muscular tissues. The latter half of the workshop will be working with the yin yoga approach to deeply penetrate into the connective tissue to expand our flexibility and develop a sense of equanimity in challenging stillness. The focus with the yin approach will mostly be grounded poses working on the hips and spine where many of us feel a limitation in mobility.

If you’re looking to expand your view on a different approach to yoga, to try something new or have a challenge then come along – all levels of practitioners are welcome.

Please bring along your own mat and any blocks, bolsters and blankets that you have as spares will be limited.

Saturday 25th February 10am-12pm with Eleanor Coates