Moving with Strength and Stability Workshop

1 Jan 1970
Withington Methodist Church, Wilmslow Rd, M20 4AN

Anyone who regularly practises Ashtanga Yoga will know the numerous vinyasas lead to super-toned arms, excellent upper body strength, and long hamstrings. But what about the strength and stability in the hips and legs? This is where the Moving with Strength and Stability Workshop comes in.

The relationship between the spine, hips and pelvis is complex with weakness in the muscles surrounding the hips (particularly the psoas) leading to tightened hamstrings, lower back, and even sciatica. By concentrating on strengthening the hips and legs, we can notice how we overcompensate with upper body strength, therefore, look at our established yoga practice with a new perspective before introducing new elements.

Through balances and techniques from yoga and beyond, we will move through a specifically designed sequence to explore the range of motion within the hips and stability within the legs. Yes there’ll be some wobbles and the thighs may be achey the next day, but it’ll be worth it!

With plenty of variations and modifications, the workshop is ideal for beginners and advanced practitioners.

After relaxation, students are welcome to stay on for a cuppa herbal tea and cake. This is a great chance to get to know the person you’ve been throwing shapes with as well as an opportunity to ask Charlene any questions.

Payment see left hand side of the the page – Please contact us if you wish to pay by direct debit.