Handstands For Everyone -The Sequel! A 2 hour workshop with Stefan Podolczuk

22 Sep 2018
Withington Methodist Church, Wilmslow Rd, M20 4AN
10 am - 12 pm £10 / £8

NB No handstanding experience necessary!

Following last March’s Handstand Extravaganza with Stefan P, he is back with another 2 hour workshop teaching methods and ‘tricks of the trade’ of one of Yoga’s most difficult ( but most fun!) postures!

As children we all at some point looked at the ground and had a thought “I’m sure I can put my hands on the floor  and lift my feet up”, and after a few attempts (some with our feet up the wall)  our handstand career ended unless of course you went off to join the circus or started teaching yoga !

This workshop taught by Yoga Manchester’s Stefan Podolczuk  blends yoga and playground tactics into one big fun space open for adults of all ages and all abilities into a stimulating exciting rewriting of those childhood handstand ambitions.

This two hours will help you focus on alignment techniques and set the road to steady handstanding to suit your body type. No handstanding experience necessary.

Warming up with a core strengthening vinyasa flow, alignment on the ground and with the wall, team work and games and your finest handstand efforts to date.