Chandra Karma – The Moon Sequence Workshop

1 Jan 1970
Withington Methodist Church, Wilmslow Rd, M20 4AN

The Moon Sequence* is like Ashtanga yoga in that the postures are linked by the breath, the practice remains physical yet less dynamic. Slowing down & taking more breaths with each movement calms the physical body & helps to settle the erratic nature of the mind. Encouraging tranquillity & quietness of the breath directs the attention inward & increases overall awareness of how the body feels. Areas of tension & limitations that we often choose to ignore are highlighted.

Although slower paced the practice is challenging, but as always there are modifications for all levels. Pressure is taken from the shoulders & more emphasis is given to the lower body, opening the hips & creating a stable core. Other benefits include:

  • – Increased flexibility & circulation in the legs & hips
  • – Calming & restorative
  • – Helps maintain a steady focus
  • – Energizing

Kirstin began practicing Chandra Krama early 2011 to complement her dedicated Ashtanga practice. She has spent two month long intensives with Matthew Sweeney who created the sequence & in November 2012 became the first authorized teacher in the UK.

*The Moon sequence is not suitable if you have knee issues – please ask for more information before booking.

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