Awaken Your Yoga Senses

19 Mar 2016
Withington Methodist Church, Wilmslow Rd, M20 4AN

We are challenged in day-to-day life with information overload ! Advertisements, Facebook, Twitter, Magazines, The News…everything our eyes set their sight upon on our mind begins to process that information.

It can be a very unconscious process that happens and therefore it becomes challenging to maintain a steady, calm mind free from attachment to the external raz-mataz of society.

Since most of our world is available in an instant through the turn of a head, the reach of a fingertips, or the swipe of a smartphone we barely move, we go on auto-pilot, we don’t truly know ourselves, feel our bodies or sometimes even know our left and rights in our yoga practice!! We create a restless state of mind that is always attaching to the external world.

Pratyahara (withdrawing of the senses) the 5th limb of the Ashtanga Yoga method is put into practice by withdrawing your vision throughout the workshop. This sensory workshop has been created to transform your practice by using blindfolds for a duration of the time, we will delve deep within the inner body and mind- giving you a better understanding of the conscious connection between yourself, the breath and your mat.

We all know it’s quite easy for the ego to attach to the look of the posture, so we challenge ourselves to find the most benefit out of each posture rather than the hardest variation.

As well as trusting the lovely Lianne to guide you through this sensory journey it will give you the opportunity to guide yourself, deeply tune into your relationship with each asana. A carefully constructed sequence of postures will be taught in a steady Vinyasa style of breath sweeping movements, whilst live music will compliment the sensory connection to the physical vibrations we make.

The workshop will lead you into a new territory of asana practice, take you our of your comfort zone and by the end give you a new internal and external perspective to yoga.

When sight is restricted, true vision becomes clear.

Saturday 19th March 2016 10 am – 12 pm Withington Methodist Church

with Yoga Manchester’s Lianne Daly.