Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style 3 Day Intensive with Matt Ryan

15 Jun - 17 Jun 2016
Studio 17, Egerton Road South, Heaton Moor, Stockport, SK4
£30 / £22 / £12

This is a 3 day (Weds-Fri) early morning Mysore intensive at Studio 17 in Heaton Moor led by Matt Ryan.

The 3 day intensive includes both self-practice and ‘talk-through’ led classes. Matt will also be leading an optional 15 minute period of zazen meditation at the start of each class with a longer 30 minute sitting on the Friday morning. Zazen is the Zen form of meditation, it has a direct correlation with Dhyana – the 7th limb of the Ashtanga Yoga system. If you have a zafu – meditation cushion please bring this along with you.

How to do Zazen.

There are limited spaces available on each course.

Daily Itinerary

Weds & Thurs
5-30 am – 5.45 am Zazen (optional)
5.45 am* – 8.00 am Mysore self-practice

*Start is 5.45 am – this means you can turn up to start your practice anytime from 5.45 am (unless you are attending the Zazen session at 5.30am) but your practice must be finished by 7.45 am.

5.30am – 6.00am Zazen (optional)
6.00am – 8.00am Primary Series ‘Led’ Classs

In a led class the teacher calls out the names of the postures in sequence and counts the correct vinyasa in traditional Sanskrit with all students moving together as a group. Learning the correct vinyasa gives the student a deeper understanding of the practice.

If you have any questions or need any information about the practice please feel free to ask in this session.


Studio 17  Egerton Road South Heaton Moor SK4 – the studio is just past the end of Langford Road-From Heaton Moor Road, drive towards the A6/Stockport Road. Look out for the train station (on left) and Mary’s Flowers (on right) shop, take the right turn onto Egerton Road South just over the pedestrian crossing. Continue down this road, there are houses on your left and the railway line on your right. Drive straight down, passing Langford Road on your left. Look out for the double grey gates on the left about 50m further on. If you get to Lawton Road you have gone too far. The grey gates are the entrance for Studio 17.

Please call should you need more precise directions.


As there are limited spaces available on the course, we operate on a first come first served basis. To book yourself a place, please get in touch.

Mysore ‘Aftercare’

As we continue to search for another venue to host the morning Mysore classes, Matt is always available via email or telephone  to discuss any parts of the practice.

About Mysore

The term ‘Mysore-style’ refers to the way the Ashtanga Yoga method is taught by Sri K Pattabhis Jois in Mysore, India. The Ashtanga yoga system follows a therapeutic and progressive sequence of postures. Each student is encouraged to memorise the series and develop a personal practice.

In a Mysore-style class each student is taught individually and is given a one-to-one lesson within the group setting. The student is taught progressively according to his or her individual needs. Ashtanga yoga is an exact and detailed method that is learned over the course of several years.

About Matt

Matt has been ‘authorised’ level 2  to teach the Ashtanga Yoga method by Guruji Sri K Pattabhis Jois & Sharath Rangaswamy. The KPJAYI is the governing body of Ashtanga Yoga and is the only organisation that is eligible to authorise Yoga students to teach the Ashtanga Yoga method.