Ashtanga Yoga – An Intensive with Matt Ryan

6 May 2017
Heaton Mersey Community Centre St Johns Road Heaton Mersey Stockport SK4 3BR
11.30 a.m. - 3 p.m. £20 / £15

This 3.5 hour Ashtanga Yoga intensive will be led by Mysore authorised teacher Matt Ryan.

Matt will kick off the first portion of the workshop by leading students through the traditional Ashtanga Yoga pranayama sequence – offering advice and variations of the practice.

In the larger section of this intensive Matt will be guiding students through the Primary Series using the  ‘Full Vinyasa’ system. In the Full Vinyasa method the student comes back to standing after each sequence of the seated postures – the method is continued right through into the finishing sequence.

Matt will also be including his intense back bending practice which enables students to explore deeper levels of their backbend.