A Yoga Journey through Pranayama to Padmasana with Lianne Daly

20 Oct 2018
Withington Methodist Church, Wilmslow Rd, M20 4AN
10 am - 12 pm £10 / £8

Am I doing it right? Am I supposed to be thinking? This feels a bit strange? I’m lost? I give up? … These can all be the type of thoughts we have as we start to practice Pranayama. However being slowly guided by Lianne through a number of awakening breathing techniques hopefully things will become much easier and clearer.
In this two hour workshop you will have time to listen to each practice and it’s purpose, to watch demonstrations, and ask questions before entering your own energetic journey.
Prana means ‘life force’ this Prana; the breath is what keeps us alive, so to spend time lengthening, stretching, retaining and moving life force around the body can be transformational for our own healing, awareness and in gaining access to oneness and stillness.
Unlike in the West, people in India are use to sitting on the floor, it is a regular occurrence for them; from sitting down cross legged on a cushion eating with family around a low table, to chanting on the floor in circles, prayer or sitting down in meditation, they are use to being on the ground in a cross-legged position. On the contrary we are a lot more familiar with chairs, desks, beds and cars that don’t require us/ discourage us from sitting on the floor. From this it means that we rarely ever need to bend lower than knee distance from the floor creating a lack of movement in and around the pelvis hips and lower back, the fabric of the muscles, tendons and ligaments get tight and rarely move. On this journey through Pranayama to Padmasana we will firstly and lastly practice sitting in our ‘own variation’ of Lotus, we will use blocks and blankets to support the body as we find our peace with the Lotus position; one of the original and most fundamental seated asanas.
To gain access to deeper hip, knee and ankle rotation and movement we will work through a cognitive hip-opening sequence before sinking into some long yummy Yin postures.
Allow physical and mental tension to pass, and more energy to flow though and for you.