The Great 108 Charity Event for Children in Need

1 Jan 1970
Gita Bhavan Hindu Temple, 231 Withington Road, Manchester, M16 8LU
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A wonderful opportunity for yoga students from all disciplines to be involved with this ground breaking event. Be one of a group of 108 yogi’s saluting the sun 108 times to raise money for the Children in Need charity. 108 represent’s the ultimate reality of the universe as being simultaneously ONE (1) EMPTINESS (0) and INFINITE (8).

The Great 108 Party…. after the sun salutes the knees up The end of the sun salutes will be marked with a 10 minute group OM chant which will take the energy levels through the roof!! You can then ‘take rest’ listening to live Indian music featuring Chris Davies on Tabla and Andrew Mucha on guitar. And to feed our bellies after all the hard work we will encourage everyone to bring food & drinks to share for one all mighty ‘Pot Luck Buffet’

ALL profits will go to Children In Need. You can choose either to collect sponsors for the event or just make a donation on the night. To cover the cost of hiring the temple there will be small £2 administrative fee per student. Come on down, ‘be part of it’ & make history for Children In Need

The Great 108 Sun Salutation – Vital Info

We will be following the 9 seperate vinyasas (movements) of the Ashtanga Yoga Surya Namaskar A method. These can be as gentle as needs be so you cab conserve your energy for the full 108 saluations.

In the Downward Dog position we hold the posture for 5 breaths BUT you can choose to go into the Balasana (resting) posture instead of Downward Dog :

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If you feel that 108 Sun Salutations might be too much for you then we are allowing students to enter into the Great 108 in pairs or even small groups of 3 or 4 people, and you share the 108 Salutations between the group eg. One person does maybe 10 then the next person takes over and does 10 etc etc.


It takes around 80 minutes to complete the whole 108 Sun Salutations