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Neila Drabble

I came to yoga through ashtanga starting my regular practice in 2015. I instantly fell in love with this dynamic form of yoga.  I came away feeling bright and energised, as if my body could handle anything. As the months went by, through regular yoga practice, my body became, stronger, more flexible and mentally I felt more confident, focused and more centered. These days I enjoy passing on my knowledge as a yoga and Pilates instructor in Manchester.

In 2016 I travelled to Mysore, India, to practice at the KPJAYI under the guidance of Saraswathi Jois, the daughter of Sri K. Pratabhi Jois. Since this time I have been privileged to have revisited Mysore on numerous occasions to train with wonderful teachers who have inspired me to progress in my learning.

Ultimately, my own personal daily yoga routines is the best teaching source, giving me constant inspiration, a strong foundation and a deep understanding of yoga.

I have dedicated myself to learning the art of yoga postures and continue to delve further to evolve and educate myself on this path as a life long learning process.

In 2018 I took up my Pilates teacher training and completed my training in Ashtanga Vinyasa in Mysore 2019 and have been teaching full time ever since.

My no-nonsense approach to teaching and yoga instruction includes aspects of the different styles and techniques I have mastered throughout my yoga journey. I hope to inspire others to share my passion, helping my students walk away feeling both challenged and refreshed. Constantly seeking new inspiration, I aim to bring a fresh and positive energy to all my classes, infusing playful flowing sequences with technical alignment.