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Lianne Daly

Heading to a yoga studio for the first time in 2011, I expected to experience an hour of complete relaxation, however I was shocked to discover a stiff body, a thumping heart beat and a world of critical voices in my head; as I continued the practice my mind began to quieten, my breath began to deepen, and my body became strong.
Both on and off the mat I came to understand the importance of being; gentle but determined, understanding but firm and patient but persevering; in all areas of life.

I attained my Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand at Vikasa Yoga taught by dynamic teacher Kosta Miachin. I continue to be a devoted student of Matt Ryan, and have attended workshops with inspirational teachers such as Kino MacGregor. My practice and teachings incorporate; Hatha and Ashtanga elements adapting to the energy of the class. The more open i become, the less I hold back what is designed to flow through me.

I step to the front of the room simply a sharer of the practice