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Kate Tittley

I have practiced Yoga on a hangover for about 6 years, before deciding to undertake the YTT with Andrea Everingham in 2017. I credit my Asana and Meditation practice as the thing that keps me sane(ish) during my tenure in Manchester’s bustling hospitality scene. For me, the mat is that solid line of stability running through the trials and tribulations of modern life – we’re all just doing the best we can right! As such, I like to think my classes are ‘Yoga for people who don’t feel ‘Yoga’ enough’. However you’re feeling, however you perceive your fitness, my upbeat classes and silliness will leave you feeling refreshed, revived, and a little better about being you.

I absolutely believe that Yoga is a moving mediation, an opportunity to wipe the windscreen of the mind clear – to get out of our head and to start feeling into our bodies. The practice I offer is strong, but don’t worry if you’re new or not sure. Modifications for every level are given, there are alignment cues you can really follow and hands-on adjustments should you be down with it. I guarantee you’ll surprise yourself with what you can do, and I’m here to encourage you along the way! Set to music, this class is based loosely based around the Ashtanga Primary series. This is in order to embed a little muscle memory into the body, but you can still expect some surprises along the way.