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Hannah Thomas

My love for yoga began as a teenager whilst delving into my Nan’s old yoga books. It was initially the spiritual and philosophical aspects of this mysterious discipline that intrigued me. I made some attempts at the physical postures, but it wasn’t until a few years later in 1998 that I attended my first ashtanga yoga class. I quickly became aware of the physical benefits of the practice. As someone who has always liked to keep fit, yoga satisfied my need for a good workout and my body became stronger and more flexible. The challenge and the thrill of getting into new postures was enough to keep me returning to my mat each week. I soon became aware also of a sense of mental wellbeing during and after my practice, as my mind felt still, calm and clear. However, it wasn’t until I was faced with a particularly challenging time in my life, did I start to understand the power of yoga to help me through such a time. 17 years later my yoga practice continues to help keep my body strong and healthy, navigate me through difficult times, as well as heighten my experience of the good times.

I completed my first teacher training course with David Swenson in 2012. I have since become a registered RYT 200 teacher with Yoga Alliance after completing teacher training with Brian Cooper and Union Yoga in 2013.

I have also studied with some wonderful and inspiring teachers including Tim Miller, Matthew Sweeney, Ray Long and Matt Ryan.

My classes are ashtanga based, but also include elements from other styles. They are suitable for complete beginners to the more advanced students, as I offer variations and modifications in postures. I like to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in my classes and believe a good sense of humour is important at times too. I feel very blessed to be able to share my love of yoga in a teaching capacity and give others the opportunity to experience the many benefits of the practice themselves.