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Barry Norton

A Manchester Lad born and bred, my yoga Journey started 2009. Dealing with a knee injury from running, a physiotherapist recommended I try yoga. I was always running, swimming and weightlifting, but I had never done yoga before. I went to Matt Ryan’s Yoga for Sports class and really enjoyed it. I loved how accessible, down to earth and fun he made it.

From there I attended an Ashtanga yoga workshop. I was in awe of everyone flowing and jumping, breathing and moving through the primary series. I muddled through, mostly watching, inspired by the magical practice unfolding. I had to learn more. I was bitten by the yoga bug that day and became hooked on Ashtanga.

At first I was drawn by the physicality of the practice as an exercise, and method of recovering from injury. I then started to appreciate the difference the psychological and philosophical aspects of yoga made to my mental well-being managing anxiety and depression. It felt like a domino effect. I quit drinking, became vegan and got interested in Zen Buddhism. Yoga totally changed my life and is still changing it.

I completed the David Swenson Ashtanga Teacher Training 2016 and got my first taste for teaching. I completed the 2017 Yoga Manchester 200 hour Teacher Training course to become fully certified.

Leaning to teach the Yoga for Sports method that I started with all those years ago was very rewarding and felt like coming full circle.

I don’t believe yoga is an elite fitness regime or only for bendy people doing handstands on beaches. I am probably not your stereotypical yoga teacher, being a bearded video game nerd, into 70s prog-rock and horror films. But I am passionate and nerdy about yoga too and really believe that it is accessible by and of tremendous value to everyone. I try to make it as down-to-earth and accessible as it was when I was introduced to yoga back in the day.

Barry's classes

Wednesdays 19:00 - 20:00 Yoga for beginners in Didsbury
Wednesdays 19:00 - 20:00 Yoga for Runners
Wednesdays 19:00 - 20:00 Yoga for Cyclists