Following on from our fab light on Yoga Manchester students blogs we are now turning the spotlight on to our own teachers, and who better than to start with than the new kid on the block Lianne Daly. Lianne has just returned from several months away studying yoga in both Thailand and Australia and lucky for Yoga Manchester she is now teaching Mondays in Fallowfield and Thursdays in Altrincham.

What music are you currently grooving to?

Peter Bradley Adams: (I have a tendency to have songs on repeat a little too much, at the moment “The longer I run” is currently on repeat)

Whats your fav food / restaurant ?

I’m a lover of Thai food, there’s a great restaurant in Manchester called Thaikhun, lots of yummy vegetables and noodles!

Name 2 people you’d like to go to dinner with ?

I am a lover of the world and how we create as much equality as possible so Russell Brand would be my first choice; I’m sure we would have some interesting topics to discuss and a few laughs along the way, I also love to read and daydream about astronomy and what’s going on in space (especially the moon) so Brain Cox would be my 2nd choice !

Best piece of yoga advice received / given

Received :

I read a blog Matt Ryan wrote stating he had experienced all emotions on his yoga mat; I too felt my mat had seen me strong and weak, through years of attending Matt’s classes he always repeated “don’t rush don’t rush” this awareness of creating time on my yoga mat really resonated with how I approached my practice.
One quirky Monday evening after class as everyone was walking out of the hall Matt in his manc voice (not his yoga voice) shouted “just to let ya know there’s no prize when you get ya leg behind ya head so enjoy the journey” … I thought about it and from that point on I realised that every step/fold or breath I made on my mat was just as important as any advancing inversion or back bend.
I took this approach forward from yoga practice and into life… Approaching everything big or small with intimate awareness.

Don’t Rush. There’s no prize when you get your leg behind your head, enjoy the journey.

Given :
My advice to students is to trust yourself, don’t work against yourself, be understanding and support yourself, listen to your breath as much as you can, in yoga, in meditation, before bed, throughout your day, you will create an intimacy with the feeling of your own presence and your time here.