In December’s Yoga Manchester People feature, Marta Buszko recalls her most memorable yoga moment which so happens to be Christmas-themed! Enjoy the read and feel all festive inside.

Unexpected festive treat

When Matt asked me to write something for Manchester yogis about my yoga experience in Poland (where I come from) and how it compares to yoga in England, I thought it would be difficult as these two experiences don’t differ too much. With this in mind, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you my most memorable yoga experience which so happened to be in Poland.

For many years I used to practise yoga in a lovely studio in Warsaw. I especially enjoyed going to the early morning Saturday classes to give my weekend a really good start. One of the teachers who led the Saturday class was a charming lady; beside being a yoga teacher she was also a musician.

One morning after the whole group lay down in Savasana she announced she would sing. Instead of letting us lie down in silence or giving us some tips about breath and posture, as she usually did, she sang for us. It was a beautiful crisp December morning, through the windows I could see branches of the trees covered with the frost and the sun rays shining through making the trees look as if they were sprinkled with diamonds. And the calming voice of the teacher singing some old Christmas carols. How amazing was that!

For me it is the most treasured memory from all my yoga experiences. Even when I did my first hand stand or lotus I wasn’t more pleased. It was the most memorable moment not only because it was so picturesque but also because it made me realize why I enjoy yoga so much. I love going to yoga classes because this 90 minutes I spend on my yoga matt is like a gift given to myself. It’s valuable time when I can truly be with myself, focus on my needs and just be honest with myself.

It would be interesting to hear about your favourite moments in yoga. I looking forward to reading your comments.

When Yoga Manchester was formed some years back I felt we needed something to sit alongside the web address on our 1st information leaflet . Eddie Sadowski , Yoga Manchester’s ‘flyer’ designer had asked me what other logos did I like and also what was the reason for getting into Yoga in the first place. Before Yoga I was involved in nightclubs , which included a stint Dj-ing at the world famous Hacienda in Manchester which although sounds very glamorous  was actually pretty stressful! To help ‘chill’ me out a friend suggested I try a local Yoga class and  after attending a  few sessions I felt much more calm and relaxed –I felt like I had gone through some mind and body recycling process.


So ‘hey presto’ two birds one stone – the logo pretty much invented itself – we took the recycling logo
( see above) added 5 more arrows to make 8. I wanted 8 to signify the ‘8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga’ (Ashtanga literally means 8 limbs) and the Yoga Manchester logo was born. The eight arrows together create a ‘lotus’ flower – the lotus is so often represented as an iconic  figure of Yoga ,it is a symbol of beauty because it lives in the muddy water yet remains unsoiled. Pretty profound stuff eh!