A very warm welcome to our brand new Sale teacher Patricia Cowan.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Right now (and probably most other times) I am listening to the new love in my life AKA Julia Jacklin. I can’t help but get lost in the deep and beautiful lyrics this fabulous Aussie girl has managed to create. She expresses so much through her words and I feel honoured to get to enjoy them.

Where would you be teleported to?

Anytime between the 1920s-1940s for the sole reason of getting to dance in a swing club with a live jazz band💃🏻💃🏻

Where do you buy your clothes from?

I have to admit I do have a guilty pleasure for the vintage/ second hand shops on Oldham street in city centre…. but generally if I’m going to buy myself something new or something I’ve wanted for a while, I first off double check I don’t have it already (which a lot of the time I do ha!) and then secondly I save over a set period of time for it, scrimping on a few luxuries and then reward myself with it. Aside from that, I mostly just wait around for my gorgeous friends Molly or Aine to have a wardrobe clear out…. one man’s trash is another man’s treasure after all…

What does a regular practice look like for you?

I usually do most of my practice after I’ve just taught a class. I find that my practice usually reflects the energy of the preceding class. I do also wake up extra early at least 3 mornings of the week to squeeze in a nice easy mobility/ free flow/ restorative flow- I just follow what my body is telling me it wants on that particular morning.

Any advice to a yoga beginner?

Don’t be afraid of not being ‘flexible’ and not wanting to look inexperienced in a class- to be honest we all look silly sometimes anyway so who cares!! Go to a class where you feel at ease and supported and try to member yoga is supposed to be fun, it doesn’t have to be so serious all the time!