Yoga Manchester’s Matt Ryan  showing the alternative exit from the Supta Konasana posture from the Primary series sequence. Supta Konasana means ‘sleeping angle posture’ , and to enter into it the student would lie down and bring the legs over the head and down towards the floor  then take hold of both big toes with legs wide , paying particular attention not to create tension in the neck. The posture is held for 5 deep breaths before exiting by gently rolling up the spine with legs straight , pausing , engaging the quads so when the legs are lowered to the floor the calf muscles are the first point of contact with the floor and not the heels of the feet. After touching the chin to the floor , the vinyasa is then to lift the head cross the legs and jump back as normal, when one builds strength and balance the exit can be performed by placing the hands onto the floor and lifting up the hips and legs into the handstand posture before dropping into chaturanga dandasana as in the video.

The muscles of the shoulders and legs are stretched along with the muscles and ligaments of the neck .

This video is for demonstration only