On Thursday 17th October 2013 Yoga Manchester hosted a unique ‘In Conversation ‘event featuring the enigma that is Brad Warner and Manchester legend musician/journalist/broadcaster, and TV talking head, John Robb. The Punk Meets the Monk was 90 minutes of a little everything from the Dharma  to the origins of punk rock!!

Brad is the author of Hardcore Zen, Sit Down & Shut Up, Zen Wrapped in Karma Dipped in Chocolate, Sex, Sin and Zen and his latest book There is No God, and He is always with you. He began studying Zen in the early 80’s under Tim McCarthy, a student of Kobun Chino Roshi. Brad was ordained in the Soto School of Zen by Gudo Nishijima Roshi, co-translator of the only complete English edition of Dogen Zenji’s 12th century masterpiece Shobogenzo. Before moving to California, Brad taught Zazen classes and led retreats in Japan for several years. He now teaches and leads numerous retreats each year in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. Brad is president of Dogen Sangha International.He is also the bass player with the punk rock band Zero DFX.

John Robb is a renowned author and journalist, having written best sellers Stone Roses And The Resurrection Of British Pop and Punk Rock: An Oral History. John is also the front man for The Membranes and Goldblade, who are currently touring Europe. John also runs award-winning music website, Louder than war.