What would you do if you saw scientific evidence that the practice meditation changes the brain within 8 weeks with an average of 27 minutes per day? The amygdala, which is the part of the brain that signals stress actually got smaller in 8 weeks and other more productive areas increased in grey matter.

A hot topic in leadership these days is presence. How do some leaders have more presence than others and can this be learned? Presence is literally the ability to be present to whatever is happening ‘now’. The present moment is accessed through the sense organs and the area of the brain associated with this actually grew within 8 weeks of practice. We are all leaders in life and the more we can tune into our senses the more our presence will influence the world.

Being present to limiting beliefs in the mind and acting also leads to greater presence. Ask yourself what is the most common limiting belief you hear about yourself in your mind?………………… Simply becoming more aware of this voice when it arises and doing the action anyway will change your life.

These patterns of thought are usually ‘gifts’ we have received in childhood and we still operate from their limitations as adults. I am passionate about human performance and making the most of the potential we have. I used to think that the very best athletes in the world would live without many of these limiting beliefs. The reality is that the pressurised environment often brings many of the beliefs to the surface and significantly reduces the possibilities the athlete may have of fulfilling their potential.

The brain is plastic, whatever we do repeatedly will physiologically change it and also our experience of life. Both athletes and leaders see the benefits of going into the gym and I want everyone to know about the benefits of working with the senses and the mind in the present moment. Go out and work with a transformational coach who will help you to be more present, go out and learn mindfulness techniques and make the most of every moment that is the opportunity to fulfill your potential as a human being in the world today.


Danny Donachie