Raw juices are the perfect fuel pre/post yoga. They provide energy and vitality pre yoga and refuel the body and provide recovery post yoga. They offer a wide array of vital vitamins and minerals in a form that is easily absorbed by the body. I often add pro greens or super food powders to my juices just to give them an added health kick.

My all-time favourite and ultimate health juice otherwise known as “The Neville Superjuice” is not only delicious but super nutritious and it literally takes minutes to make. This juice is fantastic for both body and mind. It cleanses the system, feeds the cells and boosts the immune system.


Use organic ingredients wherever possible:

  • Quarter of a pineapple
  • 1 apple
  • Three chunks of raw broccoli
  • Large handful of watercress
  • Large handful of kale
  • One stick of celery
  • Half an inch chunk of ginger root
  • Half a cucumber
  • A few sprigs of parsley
  • One avocado
  • Large handful of ice cubes


Juice everything except the avocado – then whizz the juice with the ice and the avocado in the blender to make the most delicious and nutritious juice. I drink two large glasses of this every time I make it.

This juice contains such a wide array of vitamins and minerals. The pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties, aids digestion and acts as a mild laxative. The apple juice again reduces constipation and is good for the intestines. Broccoli is a powerful anti-oxidant. Great for both blood pressure and the liver. Celery reduces fluid retention. I love the taste of ginger in this juice and I actually add a lot more to mine – which is great as it is actually a natural antibiotic. Parsley is high in iron and also cleanses the liver, kidneys and blood. Enjoy!

By Julie Neville

Julie is a qualified nutritionist, her company Win Naturally specialises in natural and organic health foods and products.