Following my ‘how to jump back‘ video a few weeks back , I now teach you how to jump-though with straight legs in my latest ‘Back Yard Yoga’ videos series. These short 2 minute videos will feature tips and advice on technique and also how to improve your Ashtanga Yoga form.

The straight leg jump through from downward dog to Dandasana in Ashtanga Yoga is an eloquent movement and can take some time to perfect.It will take a combination of a good forward bend which is important for keeping the legs straight when you are able to jump through.Strong legs to give you the power to lift the hips high enough to keep the legs straight And strong flexible shoulders which will provide the pivot for the body to move from the back of the mat to the front.

Enjoy your practice !


As a Yoga teacher I get asked all the time  for advice upon certain aspects of the Ashtanga Yoga method -how to do a headstand or how to improve a backbend for example . So as a practice resource for all students I have created the Back Yard Yoga videos Рa series of two minute how to videos including advice on technique and ways to improve your Ashtanga Yoga form.

The first in the 5 part ‘Back Yard Yoga’ series (so called as we filmed the videos in my back yard!)¬† is Zen & the Art of the Ashtanga Yoga Jump Back. Hope you enjoy it – happy jumping back.