What are you listening to at the moment? 

I’m listening to East Forest at the moment, cool quirky instrumental sounds mix in with nature! I’m visiting Costa Rica in February and this music is getting me in the zone for the trip!

Where would you teleport to?

I am a lover of space; the moon specifically….so if I had the chance to teleport it would defiantly be to 1969 to land on the moon with Neil Armstrong…. I’d try manoeuvre myself to land in Ardha chandrasana gazing back at earth!
Where do you buy your yoga clothes?
I feel comfortable practicing and teaching in cotton based clothing. I buy a lot of my clothes of Etsy or a yoga brand called Prana.
What does a regular practice look like for you?
A practice looks like 5 minutes of quiet sitting and the length of one mantra playing from my speakers to set my intention for the day.
I practice facing a huge window so one minute of standing in samasthi grounding my feet and gazing out at the trees in my garden gives me instant perspective for the day.
The length of practice depends on the day ahead 40-90 minutes or if I know I don’t have that much time it’s 25 sun salutations, some days 52 if my mind is flustered with asanas and I just want to move and zone in.
Any advice to a yoga beginner?
It’s good to move, it’s good to pause yoga gives you both. Stick with it.