This month’s Yoga Manchester People blog features Nev Cottee – local Mancunian and singer songwriting musical genius. Nev has been making music in many guises for the last 20 years and this month sees him release his 4th studio album- details on where to listen and buy Nev’s music below.

Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself (tell us some things about where you’re from, where you live, hobbies, family and pets, what you do for a living)

I’m from the North of England and have lived in Manchester city center for the past 20 years. I’m a songwriter, guitarist and singer in that order. No pets – I’m allergic to all forms of animal life excluding fish.

Q2. What are you currently listening to? Tell us about it (What’s in your CD player, on Spotify or who’s your favourite musician/band, perhaps your current, favourite radio station or the sound coming from someone’s phone on the back of the 86 bus?)

I’m listening to Tom Waits, Lee Hazlewood and Mac De Marco. I’m also liking the new Mark Lanegan album ‘Gargoyle’ and an old one he did called ‘Imitations’. I tend to listen to the radio more than anything else. Sean Rowley’s weekly show on BBC Kent and The Wonderfulsound Libraries on Soho Radio. Great, entertaining, informative shows.

Q3. What brought you to yoga and how long have you been practising? (Tell us about your first class, or what brought you to it, or how your practice has changed)

Matt Ryan! Matt was someone I was ‘aware’ of for years – we had mutual friends and our paths would cross now and again – this was way back in the early 90’s. I was always fascinated how he completely committed and immersed himself in yoga. This was at a time when NO-ONE I knew did yoga. Certainly none of my male friends anyway. I’d always been intrigued and Matt was my way in. I started going to his classes 10 years ago and haven’t stopped since.

Q4. What is your yoga super power? (Tell us about a posture or feature of your yoga practice that you’re really good at, or that you enjoy the most)

There’s something about Trikonasana that really helps my breathing and really opens me up. I could stay there for hours (well minutes really).

Q5. If you could be a character in a well-known film, who would you be and why? (You might need to give a brief explanation of what the film is about, if it’s an obscure one)

Well Jeffrey Lebowski (from The Big Lebowski) will always be a hero but I think I’ve always liked I from ‘Withnail and I’. I’m always the sensible one who worries too much…

Q6. Where in Manchester (or where in the world) is heaven? (This might be a museum or park you like to visit, a restaurant you frequent, an area of the city that has fond memories or Leo’s Fish Bar at 2am on a Saturday morning)

Java Coffee Shop opposite Oxford Road Train Station on a Saturday morning. Town is very quiet, the week’s work done… up early and go drink a cup of tea and do NOTHING for 2 hours.

Q7. If you could go back in time to see something or change something, what would it be?

I’d just want to be in the audience for the Elvis 69 comeback special… That is all.


For details on Nev’s new album ‘Broken Flowers’ please click here

Nev will be playing live at Manchester’s Deaf Institute on Friday 9th June – full details here