This month’s ‘Your teacher answers back’ features the wonderful Liam Browne – Liam has just released his autobiography ‘From Dealer to Healer’. Click here to grab yourself a free copy!

Liam has also recorded a podcast with Yoga Manchester’s Matt Ryan – click here to have a listen.

What are you listening to at the moment?

My Spotify weekly is usually pretty banging. Trevor Hall is always on and a guy i love called Sir Was! His abum blew me away. Also small talk-fout tet remix. And a tune called Alfa by Mop Mop, I love a hang drum! At the moment tho mainly my own voice as I’m editing my audio book. This is a dry experience but it should sound great when it’s done.


Where would you be teleported to?

Probably to a different dimension so I could chill with crazy aliens see how more advanced species live and how there societies work. On earth Om Beach near Gokarna in India. Its paradise. I want to spend more time there.


Where do you buy your clothes from?

Mainly charity shops I also like a couple of Oz brands called Afends and Ghanda. My favourite piece of clothing is a typical Munich Ladies Walking jacket. It has a scene embroidered on the side of a man outside his cabin chopping wood. The roof of the house is made with red velvet and people love to stroke it when I’m out and about.


What does a regular practice look like for you?

Wake up shake and warm my body then either the Sivananda sequence, the 5 Tibetian Rites or the Jiva Magic 10. I let my body tell me what it wants. Then meditate and a shower where the last 2 minutes are cold to wake me up and make me alert for the day.


Any advice to a yoga beginner?

Dont be a fanny keep coming back, seek out teacher who resonate with you and poke at the uncomfortable parts of you. Dont go to teacher who make you feel good but ones that make you want to be better!!!!