We are pleased to announce our new Yoga for Dancers, Performers and Actors classes, which will take place every Thursday evening from 6 – 7pm at Studio 25, Church Street, Northern Quarter M4, beginning on the 20th June. The first class on the 20th June will be FREE to all students.

This class will debut our newest sequence, which has been developed by Yoga Manchester’s Matt Ryan and Dani Abulhawa, especially for people who have a regular physical practice, such as dancers, performers and actors across the wide range of forms within these disciplines.

The sequence uses carefully selected postures, which are integrated through breathing and movement into a series of flowing sections, with features that are particularly beneficial to practising movement-based artists, including:

  • Building core strength
  • Encouraging deeper flexibility of muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Developing balance
  • Bringing attention to and improving alignment
  • Developing presence and awareness through a moving meditation

The sequence is a comprehensive conditioning for the body that can support movement practitioners by developing the core foundation of their practice, aiding recovery from physical problems and preventing the risk of long-term injury.

The ability to engage and sustain attention both with an audience and between performers on stage is an important skill for performers of all kinds to hone. On a psychological level, the practising of yoga functions as a form of moving meditation that can assist a practitioner in developing a more sophisticated awareness of the body, and a stronger presence on stage.

Many professional dance companies, performing artists and actors are integrating yoga into their training regimes, to keep their joints and muscles strong, supple and moving smoothly, and to bring an increased attention to their practice. Yoga for Dancers, Performers and Actors is a challenging and focused class that can support your practice from the studio to the stage, and throughout your career.

*Although this class is tailored towards dancers & performers it is open to anyone and everyone who wants to attend.

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