New Year New Body New Mind 2014 – A Yoga Manchester Initiative

Yoga Manchester is very excited to bring you our New Year New Body New Mind 2014 initiative. This initiative will have various elements to it  including the launch of Yoga Express Manchester , JanAsana-our January yoga challenge Рand the NYNBNM workshops.

The start of a new year is always a great place to begin again after the excesses of the festive period.It is a time  to set oneself new goals, new challenges, putting previous doubts fears and judgements about oneself well and truly to the sword with yoga and meditation practices.

Why do we come to a yoga class ? What are the reasons , the circumstances that lead us to the class. A better body perhaps ? A better mind – both ? Know that whatever your reason, it’s absolutely as valid as the person on the mat next to you.Yoga and meditation can change your life -physically and mentally – but in the words of the Ashtanga Yoga Guru Pattabhi Jois ‘It’s 99% practice 1% theory’ . Just talking about yoga and meditation won’t do much, it’s about the doing.

With this in mind, we’ve created the NYNBNM initiative to help you ‘to do’. Rather than a short-term fix, this initiative is designed to motivate you to get on the mat and provide you with the inspiration and tools necessary to maintain a sustainable yoga and meditation practice.

How it works

JanAsana will provide the kick-start needed to shake-off the festive habits, and provide a clean slate to start afresh. Featuring a weekly newsletter with nutritious recipes, feel-good tips, and yoga videos, Yoga Manchester will be with you throughout the JanAsana challenge.

January will also see the launch of Yoga Express Manchester. Already a hit in Chorlton, Yoga Express is a 45 minute sequence designed for people on the go who want to maintain a regular yoga practice. We know how difficult it can be to commit to a 90 minute practice, which is why Yoga Express Manchester will be on hand to ensure you can still find the time to nourish yourself physically and mentally, no matter how busy you may be.

Finally, the NYNBNM workshops will be launching on the 18 January. With a two-hour workshop every month until June, these will provide you with a longer more in-depth session designed to improve technique and further your understanding of your body and the yoga practice.

The Workshops

25th January Hip Openers with Charlene McAuley

22nd February The Moon Sequence with Kirstin Robertson

22nd March Adventures in Yoga – Flowing and Improv with Dani Abulhawa

26th April Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series – Full Vinyasa with Matt Ryan

28th June Yoga for cyclists with Marie Harris