Am I doing it right? Am I supposed to be thinking? This feels a bit strange? I’m lost? I give up? ... These can all be the type of thoughts we have as we start to practice Pranayama. However being slowly guided by Lianne through a number of awakening breathing techniques hopefully things will become much easier and clearer.
In this two hour workshop you will have time to listen to each practice and it’s purpose, to watch demonstrations, and ask questions before entering your own energetic journey.
Prana means ‘life force’ this Prana; the breath is what keeps us alive, so to spend time lengthening, stretching, retaining and moving life force around the body can be transformational for our own healing, awareness and in gaining access to oneness and stillness.
Unlike in the West, people in India are use to sitting on the floor, it is a regular occurrence for them; from sitting down cross legged on a cushion eating with family around a low table, to chanting on the floor in circles, prayer or sitting down in meditation, they are use to being on the ground in a cross-legged position. On the contrary we are a lot more familiar with chairs, desks, beds and cars that don’t require us/ discourage us from sitting on the floor. From this it means that we rarely ever need to bend lower than knee distance from the floor creating a lack of movement in and around the pelvis hips and lower back, the fabric of the muscles, tendons and ligaments get tight and rarely move. On this journey through Pranayama to Padmasana we will firstly and lastly practice sitting in our ‘own variation’ of Lotus, we will use blocks and blankets to support the body as we find our peace with the Lotus position; one of the original and most fundamental seated asanas.
To gain access to deeper hip, knee and ankle rotation and movement we will work through a cognitive hip-opening sequence before sinking into some long yummy Yin postures.
Allow physical and mental tension to pass, and more energy to flow though and for you.
There isn't always time in a regular yoga practice to work on your arm balances and inversions so now it's a perfect opportunity with Yoga Manchester's Stefan Podolczuk.
Whatever level your practice is today you will be able to experience a range of different techniques to find a strong foundation which will enable you to stand on your head and balance on your arms comfortably .
This workshop is open to everyone no arm balancing experience necessary.
NB No handstanding experience necessary!
Following last March's Handstand Extravaganza with Stefan P, he is back with another 2 hour workshop teaching methods and 'tricks of the trade' of one of Yoga's most difficult ( but most fun!) postures! As children we all at some point looked at the ground and had a thought "I'm sure I can put my hands on the floor  and lift my feet up", and after a few attempts (some with our feet up the wall)  our handstand career ended unless of course you went off to join the circus or started teaching yoga ! This workshop taught by Yoga Manchester's Stefan Podolczuk  blends yoga and playground tactics into one big fun space open for adults of all ages and all abilities into a stimulating exciting rewriting of those childhood handstand ambitions. This two hours will help you focus on alignment techniques and set the road to steady handstanding to suit your body type. No handstanding experience necessary. Warming up with a core strengthening vinyasa flow, alignment on the ground and with the wall, team work and games and your finest handstand efforts to date.
Get ready for Christmas with this 2 hour Vinyasa Yoga workshop for ALL levels. Moving through a grounded flow of seated asana building slowly up to standing postures before effortlessly releasing back down into a long deep relaxation process with some frankincense in our oil burner to 'sweeten' the mood  - leaving everyone feeling all festive &  floaty !
Yoga for Climbers - The Approach
A Yoga workshop exploring the physical and mental health benefits a yoga practice can have on your vertical life.
  • Short routines for morning movements/climbing warm ups
  • Conditioning - Strength/flexibility
  • Developing proprioception/bodily awareness
  • Mindfulness - Appreciating the process
The teacher, Josh, has been climbing for the majority of his life and has traveled from China to the Cheddar Gorge to satiate his appetite for rock.
He started practicing yoga after a hefty climbing fall left him with two dodgy knees, it has since become as much a part of his life as climbing and he now makes a living teaching both around the world.
Suitable for all levels, from weathered mountain goats to plastic enthusiasts.
No previous yoga experience necessary
Join Charlene McAuley for an extended class addressing to abdominal and pelvic strength to support the lower back when on and off the mat. As one of the most bendy, weight bearing areas of the spine, the lower back is the bridge between the upper and lower body. In evolutionary terms, the lumbar is a bit of a flawed design and it’s little surprise that most people are afflicted by back pain at some point whether it’s work, lifestyle, or even yoga-related. In the YogaMotion: Awaken Deep Strength extended class, you will learn how to switch on the deep core muscles as well as the hip stabilisers to move more efficiently and without pain. Strengthening movements will allow you to know when the abdominopelvic area is working and witness just how much it contributes to most asanas, particularly back and forward bends. Perfect for both beginners and advanced students as there will be variations every step of the way, the class will begin with activating those muscles that provide stability to the lower back and pelvis. We will then traverse through a flowing practice including balances, back bends, and twists to identify if/when we lose connection with our deep strength, before ending with a releasing exercise and Savasana. Expect to increase the understanding of your own body as well as a few giggles and perhaps a drop or three of perspiration! Saturday 28th January 10am-12pm with Charlene McAuley
Our yoga practice is here to teach us the art of balance in our lives, so it is necessary to manage this balance in our practice on the mat as our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing calls for different techniques at different times of our lives. This workshop aims to highlight how you can access both the revitalising and uplifting properties of a yang style practice (one that focuses on dynamic movement with strength and core stability) with the deep and relaxing nature of yin yoga (which focuses on postures being held for a few minutes at a time to find a sense of release in body and mind). We will be working with opposite and complementary principles of yoga to find a sense of equilibrium – the first half of the workshop will be influenced by the Ashtanga primary sequence to generate an internal heat whilst stretching and strengthening muscular tissues. The latter half of the workshop will be working with the yin yoga approach to deeply penetrate into the connective tissue to expand our flexibility and develop a sense of equanimity in challenging stillness. The focus with the yin approach will mostly be grounded poses working on the hips and spine where many of us feel a limitation in mobility. If you’re looking to expand your view on a different approach to yoga, to try something new or have a challenge then come along – all levels of practitioners are welcome. Please bring along your own mat and any blocks, bolsters and blankets that you have as spares will be limited. Saturday 25th February 10am-12pm with Eleanor Coates
We are challenged in day-to-day life with information overload ! Advertisements, Facebook, Twitter, Magazines, The News...everything our eyes set their sight upon on our mind begins to process that information. It can be a very unconscious process that happens and therefore it becomes challenging to maintain a steady, calm mind free from attachment to the external raz-mataz of society. Since most of our world is available in an instant through the turn of a head, the reach of a fingertips, or the swipe of a smartphone we barely move, we go on auto-pilot, we don't truly know ourselves, feel our bodies or sometimes even know our left and rights in our yoga practice!! We create a restless state of mind that is always attaching to the external world. Pratyahara (withdrawing of the senses) the 5th limb of the Ashtanga Yoga method is put into practice by withdrawing your vision throughout the workshop. This sensory workshop has been created to transform your practice by using blindfolds for a duration of the time, we will delve deep within the inner body and mind- giving you a better understanding of the conscious connection between yourself, the breath and your mat. We all know it's quite easy for the ego to attach to the look of the posture, so we challenge ourselves to find the most benefit out of each posture rather than the hardest variation. As well as trusting the lovely Lianne to guide you through this sensory journey it will give you the opportunity to guide yourself, deeply tune into your relationship with each asana. A carefully constructed sequence of postures will be taught in a steady Vinyasa style of breath sweeping movements, whilst live music will compliment the sensory connection to the physical vibrations we make. The workshop will lead you into a new territory of asana practice, take you our of your comfort zone and by the end give you a new internal and external perspective to yoga. When sight is restricted, true vision becomes clear. Saturday 19th March 2016 10 am - 12 pm Withington Methodist Church with Yoga Manchester's Lianne Daly.  
Yoga Motion is a two-pronged workshop with one purpose: to uncover hidden aspects of our movement and breathing potential in order to be empowered to further develop our physical dexterity and mental application. Part One: Movement Medicine This part is dedicated to working with varied aspects of the movement and possibilities of the human body, to develop them in a harmonic way, detect weak points as well as balance “blind spots” of a Yoga practice or the body. Every specific physical discipline has “blind spots”, abilities of the human body or mind as well as movement patterns that get neglected; using his background in orthopaedic surgery, Christoph will be introducing techniques such as hanging, locomotion, and loaded stretching to not only improve Range of Motion but to build up strength in that newly acquired area too, so that flexibility never exceeds strength, which is damaging to joint stability. Part Two: Breathing New Life Inspired by the teachings of Krishnamachyra and his son, TKV Desikachar, the principles behind Breathing New Life into Yoga have taken from Charlene’s Ashtanga practice to the next level in terms of integration, depth, and focus. Rather than relying solely on Ujjayi breathing, Charlene has expanded the pranayama tools available to refresh the whole practice and uncover areas prone to autopilot and bad habit to reduce muscle fatigue, improved awareness, and strength. What to expect Basically two workshops in one session, YogaMotion is open to those with an understanding in any yoga practice and wanting to deepen this. It will provide essential tools for students to move in a more efficient and balanced manner and harness the power of the breath to intensify or soften a practice according to their actual needs in the moment. The session will be flowing; regular application of the techniques taught in YogaMotion will lead to an awareness of blind spots, and the reduction of these so we use all of the tools available to move with purpose, ease, and stability. With teachers Charlene McAuley & Christoph Seiland Saturday 27th February 10am - 12pm.
Energise, stand strong and stoke your internal fire! Using Ashtanga-inspired sequencing Marie will be leading students through a selection of postures with a focus on back bending. Students will learn how to move safely, get comfortable and set good foundations for their backbends - grounding in order to lift! We'll be generating heat through the vinyasa - moving with the breath through sun salutations, jump backs and jump throughs. (FYI - You might sweat!) This workshop is the perfect Christmas counter-balance to the sofa slump, scrabble neck and one too many tipples! Students will be encouraged to be brave and explore new perspectives. The workshop will be fairly energetic - practitioners will require previous yoga experience so they have enough body awareness in order to move safely. Marie will offer a variety of options for each posture so that you can select the most appropriate variation for your body, there's no need to be gymnast! The workshop will start at 10am and finish at 12pm.