This class will begin again from Wednesday 5th January 2022.

Class info

In this beginners yoga class the sequence taught will aim to build awareness of the body and the breath , forming a connection of the two whilst building balance, strength and flexibility in equal measure. The sequence will have a lot of options and adjustments to make it as strong or as chilled as you want it. Perfect for people who are new to yoga and want to try it out. As much as it is fun to be challenged and push for your training goals, sometimes it is nice to kick back and pick some easier variations and manage your tighter / stiffer areas of the body that need to open up.Depending on what your day has been like at the gym or in the office (or with the kids) there will be plenty of encouragement and options in the postures, for days where you just want to stretch out and for the days when you want to really go for it. Perfect for the Wednesday night when you might want that midweek pick me up, or the midweek de-stress. We will end on 5 minutes of relaxation and enjoying the rest. The best bit! N.B. Yoga for Runners / Yoga for Cyclists This class is fundamentally a re-brand from the 'Yoga for Sports' classes that focused on cyclists and runners specifically, the new beginners class will have the same framework but made a bit more accessible and inclusive. Feedback from the sports classes was always positive and the term "No Nonsense Yoga" was often used to describe it. I take that as a compliment and want the class to be open to more people, while still having a sporty feel and an everyday vibe to it.

Social Distance Info & guidelines

The class will adhere to social distancing rules and regulations with numbers limited to 20 at each class. Please book and pay at least 4 hours before the start of each session, and turn up to class 5-10 mins before the start of the session.