JanAsana – Week 4

Welcome to the fourth and final instalment of the Yoga Manchester JanAsana newsletter!

JanAsana has been designed to get your New Year’s resolutions off to the best possible start and forms part of Yoga Manchester’s New Year New Body New Mind (NYNBNM for short!) initiative. With weekly instalments throughout January, Yoga Manchester will be offering tips and tools to help you pay attention to both the mind and the body to allow you to keep up your intentions!


Your 10 minute Yoga Express sequence


This is the final section of the Yoga Express sequence devised by Matt Ryan. The full sequence is designed to provide the physical and mental benefits of a 90 minute Yoga class, but in just 45 minutes. Classes started on 13th January at Studio 25 – visit www.yogaexpressmanchester.co.uk more details.

Resolution of the week

This is a simple act or intention that should start this week and if it makes you feel good, stays with you for as long as possible.

Smile at a stranger.

Heads down, a void, if not annoyed, look in the eyes is how we often move from A to B with little recognition that we’re surrounded by fellow, sentient beings which can add to the feeling of isolation we all feel from time to time. An artist recently reflected this so-called ‘urban solitude’ and replaced London Underground signs with fake ones – thought-provoking, genius and above all, spot on. So this week, smile at least once a day to a passer-by and see how it makes you feel!


Smoothie of the week

Green power is where it’s at this week, with kale and spinach our top ingredients that will super boost your diet. There are a few decent recipes on here, and our pick for all ginger beer lovers is the Kale, Apple and Ginger Smoothie. With the tingle of ginger and bite of apple, this will give your digestion a head start for the day.


Recipe of the week

Curried Butternut Squash and Kale

This recipe is in season, nutritious and so delicious! With only a handful of ingredients, a serving of rice is the perfect accompaniment to this recipe, which is courtesy of yoga guru Richard Freeman.