Yoga for Cyclists class, Didsbury

Wednesday, 19:00 - 20:00
Level 1 - Suitable for all, from complete beginner to advanced.
Sapphire Raydon-Rennie
The Barlow HC High School Parrswood Road Manchester M20 6BX

This class will begin again from Wednesday 26th May.

Social Distance Info & guidelines

The class will adhere to social distancing rules and regulations with numbers limited to 20 at each class. Please book and pay at least 4 hours before the start of each session, and turn up to class 5-10 mins before the start of the session. Please see below for booking instructions.

Class info

This class is suitable for all cyclists, whether you are an amateur or professional, a tourer, racer, commuter or just reserve your bike for sunny days.

Sequencing for the class has been designed with a core series of postures intended to build strength in areas that will improve performance, and stretch areas prone to tightness. Options will be given for many of the postures so that students can tailor movements according to their own bodies while still being challenged with room to progress.

The series of postures will:

  • Increase core strength and stability
  • Create freedom in the hips and groin
  • Stretch key areas in the legs such as the hamstrings and IT band
  • Stretch and strengthen the quadriceps
  • Open the upper back and shoulders
  • Reduce tension in the lower back

While the postures can help to prevent overuse injuries, students will also be encouraged to develop breath awareness and learn to breath more efficiently. They may also encounter side effects such as improved balance and focus!

The class will be every Weds 7 pm – 8 pm at Barlow High School in Didsbury .

I first went to Yoga Manchester’s yoga for cyclists class 3 years ago because I had a recurring injury that was stopping me from running and niggled after long days on the bike. I had never done any kind of yoga before but the sequence was easy to follow and the hour went really quickly – I definitely didn’t get bored! Gradually I started to become much more in tune with my body. I’d notice slight imbalances and weaknesses that I never knew were there. My flexibility has massively improved and I no longer worry about getting back ache or hip pain during long days in the saddle. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my running form, I’m noticeably stronger and have been injury-free for 18 months. Yoga is now a staple in my week and if I miss the class, I even practise at home!
Alice Swift, Team Glow


The class has to be pre-booked using Pay Pal – details below. £7 per class or 5 class pass £35. Please note that you must email us on at least 4 hours prior to the class to book your spot after paying- this is the same for both single class and 5 class purchases.

Please note classes are not transferable.

Please bring your own mat , due to the regulations we will not be able to provide them at the class.

Class prices