Got a few queries about our yoga weekend? Take a look at the below FAQs!

Is a yoga weekend suitable for me?
If you’re looking for ‘me’ time in a supportive environment with like-minded people, a yoga weekend will fit the bill. Whether you’ve practised for years or are new to yoga, modifications will be offered to suit you and guidance provided on how to integrate yoga into daily life.
Do I have to do all the sessions?

No. This is your weekend, therefore, all sessions are optional.
How do I find out more about the venue?
You can visit Broadrayne Farm’s website for pictures and details of the surrounding area.

How do I get there?

Driving from the South
Leave the M6 at junction 36. Join the A590 to Windermere – this becomes the A591 after a few miles. Stay on this road past Windermere and through Ambleside and past Grasmere right to our driveway. Broadrayne Farm is just over 1 mile north of Grasmere village, on the main A591 and 400 yards north of the Traveller’s Rest pub, just past a bend in the road. The farm is on the right going north and is sign-posted on the roadside at the bottom of our drive (both to Broadrayne Farm and to Grasmere Hostel).

Driving from the North
Leave the M6 at junction 40. Travel west along the A66 to Threlkeld, turn left onto the B5322 and travel south until you reach the A591. Turn left towards Windermere, travel past the Kings Head Hotel and Thirlmere Lake. Broadrayne Farm is at the bottom of the long hill that brings you down into Grasmere valley. Turn left into our driveway immediately before the large road sign that says double bend.

Is travel included?

No. Guests should make their own travel arrangements with car-sharing the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to travel.

What time should I arrive for?

Arrivals takes place from 5pm Friday and departures will be 1:30pm Sunday.

Will I be sharing?
Yes. All rooms will be based on four sharing with all guest rooms including an en-suite; additional communal showers to ensure no queues!
Is there a sauna?

Yes. A modern sauna is available for guests to use free of charge. If you plan to use this, be sure to bring along swimwear!

What do I need to bring?

Please bring along the following:
Bath towel and hand towel
Swimwear (if using the sauna)
Walking boots
Warm waterproof jacket
And of course, yoga clothes!


Do I need to bring any food?

Meals and snacks are provided, however, you’re free to bring additional items including wine.

How do I pay?

You can pay by using the PayPal option at the side of the page; alternatively, payment by cheque or bank transfer is also available. Contact Matt at for more details.

How do I secure my booking?
A non-refundable £100 deposit will secure your place.
When is full payment due?

The outstanding amount should be paid no later than 1st March 2017.

Who should I contact with booking queries?

You can email Matt at or call him on 07983 605295.

In January 2014 Yoga Manchester will be launching  the JanAsana Yoga challenge. This will be a weekly set of initiatives that will help our students to get back on the mat in 2014  and also to cleanse the mind and body from the Christmas excesses. A New Year  is always a great time to set ourselves new goals and the JanAsana challenge will help you to achieve them.

Each week in January we will be posting on our website the following:

  • A short 10 minute Yoga sequence for you to follow daily
  • A  recipe for a healthy meal or snack
  • A recipe for a healthy juice
  • A short 5 minute meditation
  • A resolution to follow for that week

The JanAsana Yoga challenge will be completely FREE – no need to sign up – we will be sending out email weekly reminders and posting on Facebook & Twitter.

JanAsana  is part of Yoga Manchester’s New Year New Body New Mind 2014 Initiative

Yoga NYNBNM 2014 LOGO 1

In December’s Yoga Manchester People feature, Marta Buszko recalls her most memorable yoga moment which so happens to be Christmas-themed! Enjoy the read and feel all festive inside.

Unexpected festive treat

When Matt asked me to write something for Manchester yogis about my yoga experience in Poland (where I come from) and how it compares to yoga in England, I thought it would be difficult as these two experiences don’t differ too much. With this in mind, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you my most memorable yoga experience which so happened to be in Poland.

For many years I used to practise yoga in a lovely studio in Warsaw. I especially enjoyed going to the early morning Saturday classes to give my weekend a really good start. One of the teachers who led the Saturday class was a charming lady; beside being a yoga teacher she was also a musician.

One morning after the whole group lay down in Savasana she announced she would sing. Instead of letting us lie down in silence or giving us some tips about breath and posture, as she usually did, she sang for us. It was a beautiful crisp December morning, through the windows I could see branches of the trees covered with the frost and the sun rays shining through making the trees look as if they were sprinkled with diamonds. And the calming voice of the teacher singing some old Christmas carols. How amazing was that!

For me it is the most treasured memory from all my yoga experiences. Even when I did my first hand stand or lotus I wasn’t more pleased. It was the most memorable moment not only because it was so picturesque but also because it made me realize why I enjoy yoga so much. I love going to yoga classes because this 90 minutes I spend on my yoga matt is like a gift given to myself. It’s valuable time when I can truly be with myself, focus on my needs and just be honest with myself.

It would be interesting to hear about your favourite moments in yoga. I looking forward to reading your comments.

The Yoga Express sequence is a short energising mind and body workout for people on the go. At just 45 minutes, the session will combine Yoga postures that increase flexibility, fitness and strength and is the perfect way to start your weekend.

As dedicated yoga practitioners, we know the benefits that regular Yoga practice can provide, not just in terms of improving your body condition, strength, fitness and flexibility, but also helping with chronic pain, mental well being and improving the quality of sleep.

Like you , we at Yoga Manchester have busy lives and find it difficult to maintain a regular 90 minute Yoga practice alongside work commitments and family responsibilities. After discovering that other people feel this way too, we put our heads together and the Yoga Express ethos was born! We developed Yoga Express, with its short but effective sequences, not to dilute or make the practice easier, but as a way to integrate Yoga into a daily or weekly routine and to reap the many benefits it can provide, whilst leaving you with plenty of time to do the things you love.

Spending a little time stretching  and strengthening your body boosts your energy and enthusiasm, and releases tension from your long week at work. You’ll leave us feeling recharged and ready for making the most of your weekend with family and friends.

This class begins on Saturday 21st September 2013. This class will be a free taster to all who show up. For class details click here

Step forward the wonderful Lynn Sbaih who is the August Manchester Yoga People . Lynn is a regular at many Yoga Manchester classes and workshops. Enjoy a small insight into Lynn’s world – and remember to leave any of your thoughts in the comments section beneath the blog.

Lynne Sbaih yoga manchester people

Tell us a bit about yourself

I was born in Liverpool but have never actually lived there. I have lived and worked all over the UK and the Middle East and so have, until recently always considered myself a bit of a nomad. However I have lived in Stockport for the last ten years and so now see myself as being from Stockport … sort of.

I’m a nurse by trade, and worked in the NHS, all my working life, up to late last year when I took the brave step to leave and start my own business. I have worked mostly in Accident and Emergency Units in a number of hospitals both in this country and the Middle East, and have also done some work in Intensive Care Units. In addition to this I have worked at Manchester University, for The World Health Organisation and the Department of Health.

Having left school at 16 years, I have also completed a Bsc (Hons), MPhil and Phd, all part time, along the way. Having started my life as a nurse I left as a senior operational manager and am the owner of Bluebird Care (Tameside). I have a growing team of care workers who provide home care services for anyone who needs support to remain independent in their own home.

I have always had sport or activity related hobbies, the gym, swimming, running basically anything that meant I did not have to sit down so to now to love doing yoga is quite a mindset change for me … but more about that later…

What are you currently listening to?

I only listen to music with other people. Usually in public places! This means I like anything I can dance to, usually with other people. Quite a few years ago I discovered salsa and became quite an addict … again another activity that stopped me sitting down and I love the music. My tastes in music are many as long as it has a tune and I am particularly into anything from the 60s at the moment… but that could change at any time. My favorite radio station is Key 103 for leisure and Radio 4 The Morning Programme when I need to catch up with current affairs.

What brought you to yoga and how long have you been practising?

I got into yoga by accident. I was getting fed up of the gym and thought I would try something different. There were some of us at work who got some access to funding to pay for some exercise so I thought I would try yoga. There were some classes on at the gym which I tried and did not really like and so I thought I would go to Kirstin’s Saturday class. Wow did I work hard.. trying to work out what to do, hold postures and breathe!

I have now been practicing for two years. I go to two classes a week, three if I can manage and do a ten-minute self-practice six days a week. In addition to this I also now do meditation each day after attending a fantastic workshop with Brad Warner. My next yoga goal is to attend an early morning Mysore week.

What is your yoga super power?

My favorite posture at the moment is the forward bend. This is a posture that I have achieved over a period of time and so it has gone from one that I found hard to one I now enjoy. I always have the intention to focus and challenge myself before each class and mostly achieve this. I enjoy the relaxation at the end of each class as I still get a sense of having accomplished completing a class and taking myself just that little bit further into some of the postures. I am now much more flexible but still have tight shoulders. My ambition is to be able to headstand and when achieve this I am going to throw a big party!

If you could be a character in a well-known film, who would you be and why?

If I had to describe myself in terms of a character in a cartoon it would be the Road Runner; the character that is seen running, at top speed, along winding roads followed by a stream of dust. The Road Runner sums up the speed of movement of thoughts in my head at any one time, on many occasions. Luckily both yoga and meditation have got me to slow down and focus, particularly on my breathing but my head is still able to accommodate several hundred thoughts all wizzing round in a second.

Where in Manchester is heaven?

I enjoy cycling in Manchester and particular love to cycle in on a Sunday morning, through the empty streets, to Café Nero for coffee. Most Sunday mornings the Curry Mile is full of the smells of cooking from late Saturday night and by the time I cycle back will be full of the smells of Sunday lunch cooking. I also have fond memories of driving home in the early hours of Sunday morning, listening to Key 103, after a night of salsa dancing at Cocacobaba.

If you could go back in time to see something or change something, what would it be?

There are a few times and places I would like to go if I was able to go back in time. Firstly I would like to go back to the court of Henry the 8th and observe all the political intrigue of the time. I would like to meet his first two wives and have tea with them both and get to know what they were really like. Then I would like to meet Elizabeth the 1st for tea and cake and ask her what scared her most about being in charge of the country. From there I would like to jump forward to the French Revolution and meet Marie Antoinette. Then I would jump forward again to spend some time with Emmeline Pankhurst during her fight for the right for women to vote. I would be keen to talk to her about her achievements and whether there was anything she would have done differently. I would finish my historical tour by joining the men as they landed on the moon.


This month’s Yoga Manchester People blog features on Mysore Intensive student Simon Liddiard. Enjoy Simon’s answers and don’t forget to write your comments in the comments section at the bottom of the blog.

Yoga Manchester people simon liddiard ashtanga yoga

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I hail from Porstmouth, land of (relative) sun, sailors and bad clubs. I was lured to Manchester in late 2007 by a Siren in black – the grass was visibly greener on the other side of the Watford Gap, possibly due to the rain. After regularly visiting the city for a couple of years it was inevitable that I’d make it my home. Since putting down some fairly deep roots here – even as far as buying a house (with said Siren) – I’ve shifted my career from shirt’n’tie planner to jeans’n’tshirt photographer, a move that has been rewarding and challenging in dynamic measure. Beyond the day-to-day pleasures of living in a major city I enjoy a fair amount of reading, riding around on my bike like a teenager and the odd tipple (usually in partnership with the bike riding). Oh, don’t forget the yoga.


What are you currently listening to? Tell us about it…

Well, my rather large musical bag is almost completely filled by Spotify right now. I unashamedly pay the £10 monthly subscription and in return I have universal access to a massive amount of tunage. Sponsorship cheque in the post yet, Spotify? I have mostly been enjoying a diverse mix of everything, as befits any musically-interested 21st century dweller. I tend to lean towards the heavier end of the aural spectrum but I’m also partial to most things instrumental/ambient/experimental. Right at this moment I’m listening to Weezer. I don’t where that compulsion came from. Anyone interested in plumbing the depths of my collection can search for Simon Liddiard.

What brought you to yoga and how long have you been practising?

I was tuned to yoga by my Taekwondo teacher K.Y. Suh as a way to focus the mind and increase flexibility. He knew what he was talking about, having taught the Pan-American Olympic team and the Paraguayan National Guard, but I short sightedly didn’t follow his recommendation. Nevertheless I was intuitively aware of the importance of a holistic approach to physical fitness and I always combined training sessions with a home-grown series of stretches, many of which I now realise were based on yoga asanas. Coincidentally when I met the Siren in black (2007) she had a regular hatha practice. Fast-forward a bit and we started attending Yoga-Manchester classes and workshops together. In fact, I now benefit from a live in yoga teacher, not that this encourages me to practice any more regularly. When I started practicing I had been though a few years of exercise-desert and too much dessert. I find the yoga learning curve is steep but progressive. I believe yoga helps correct some of the imbalances of a leisure-based existence and the body responds quickly to the good stuff! I do need to keep reminding myself that yoga is not competitive though.

What is your yoga super power?

I’ve always enjoyed relatively good upper body strength and an ok sense of balance so I always look forward to the handstand towards the end of the Ashtanga primary series (everyone should try this sequence at least once to get an idea of the sweat-inducing properties of Ashtanga). Another reason why I like this posture is because it looks cool and I want to be able to show off.

If you could be a character in a well-known film, who would you be and why?

I’ve always wanted to be a bit like James Bond but more freelance. The party-political bureaucracy of working for M16 would do my head in.

Where in Manchester is heaven?

I would have to say the closest place to heaven in Manchester is probably the top of Beetham Tower. I’m being sarcastically literal because I can’t think of any one place I enjoy over the others – I’m easily pleased.

If you could go back in time to see something or change something, what would it be?

When time travel becomes possible I will flit around the centuries armed with the knowledge needed to make some clever investments. I would also buy a load of art work from struggling, yet-to-be-dead/famous artists. I might also be persuaded to tinker with various bad historical decisions but then who am I to decide right from wrong? One must always be aware of the Grandfather Paradox.




Welcome to our fabulous new section of the Yoga Manchester blog site. Yoga Manchester People-light on our students turns the spotlight onto the members of the Yoga Manchester community. Each month we will feature a different Yoga Manchester student (this could be you very soon!). The featured student will answer our questionnaire and give the rest of us an insight into their unique on and off the mat life  experiences. Enjoy !

Introducing Miss Rebecca Daw

Yoga Manchester people light on our students rebecca daw

Tell us a bit about yourself….

I’m originally from Cornwall. I moved to Manchester about 7 years ago just as I was approaching my 30th birthday. Since the move my life has totally changed. It’s a bit like I was sleeping before I got here! As you can imagine, waking up after almost 30 years is practically unimaginable! A combination of excitement, joy, terror, disorientation!

Since that time I haven’t stopped exploring! I love to eat, drink, laugh, travel, talk and I absolutely love film! I loathe chit chat so tend to be a bit fussy about the company I keep and sometimes I’m not sure if this is more of a hindrance than a help! I’m not big on family so friends are important to me.

I work as a therapist in a local primary school. I never intended to work with children but I’m a strong believer in pushing yourself towards something that feels uncomfortable. The chances are, you’re going to learn something important and I have. Working with children forces you to use all sorts of creative techniques to help them express themselves and feel understood. So now I’m exploring creativity and this has been wonderful!

What are you currently listening to? Tell us about it….

At the moment I’m obsessed with the new James Blake album: Overgrown. It is absolutely phenomenal! The man couldn’t do anything other than make music. It just seems to pour from him like it’s no bother! I enjoy this kind of music most, music from true artists. I want blood and guts from them! They have to mean it! Each track on this album is very different. He seems to use a bit of everything. At times Bjork, then Massive Attack and then Hercules and The Love Affair! Meanwhile all sorts of responses are happening: Potential panic attack, needing sex, crying, sweating, laughing! Told you it was phenomenal! I swear to God…You have to listen to this album! Oh God…I’ve just done an album review!

What brought you to yoga and how long have you been practising?

People use the word “lazy” when they talk about not wanting to do exercise but I’m not sure about this. Sometimes I think it’s got more to do with self-neglect or ambivalence. Well, this is how it felt to me. I wasn’t willing to give my body this good thing that made me feel fantastic. My partner got me thinking seriously about it. She recommended Yoga For Sport. This was 2 years ago. After a year I changed to Ashtanga. At this point something changed and I knew I would always do yoga.

Work can be taxing and yoga became one of the only things that would help to ground me. I also have a double curvature in my spine that causes me alot of discomfort. Yoga helped to release the pain and tension. It’s strange really because each class is different. Sometimes I’ll be aware of getting angry during a class. I still have no idea why! Then sometimes I’ll feel more connected to my body then I have ever experienced in my whole life and I can’t believe it cost me less than a tenner!

It helped to find a yoga teacher who seemed like a refreshing change from joss sticks and balloon pants, so nice one Matt! : )

What is your yoga super power?

Turned out I was flexible! You’ll find me sometimes collapsing during downward dog due to hardly any upper body strength but with a little assistance, I can literally become a human knot during Marichyasana! Doing this pose feels a bit like someone is pouring warm honey over your head, shoulders and back!

If you could be a character in a well-known film, who would you be and why?

I couldn’t think of an answer for this one and considering I love films that seems quite odd. I asked for help and quite rightly decided on Rita from Educating Rita. She’s doesn’t quite fit in and knows she wants something different and to better herself.

Where in Manchester is heaven?

My God that’s difficult! Dimitri’s restaurant will always be a special place. It’s where my partner and I had our first date 7 years ago. It’s also where I met my birth Mum after never seeing her for over 30 years but I love to play cards at the bar in the Mal Maison, eat their food and drink their extensive wine list. It’s even worth the horror when the bill arrives!

 If you could go back in time to see something or change something, what would it be?

I’d have seen the light and moved to Manchester in the 90’s. I’d most likely be sectioned or even dead by now but I still can’t help wishing!


We are pleased to announce our new Yoga for Dancers, Performers and Actors classes, which will take place every Thursday evening from 6 – 7pm at Studio 25, Church Street, Northern Quarter M4, beginning on the 20th June. The first class on the 20th June will be FREE to all students.

This class will debut our newest sequence, which has been developed by Yoga Manchester’s Matt Ryan and Dani Abulhawa, especially for people who have a regular physical practice, such as dancers, performers and actors across the wide range of forms within these disciplines.

The sequence uses carefully selected postures, which are integrated through breathing and movement into a series of flowing sections, with features that are particularly beneficial to practising movement-based artists, including:

  • Building core strength
  • Encouraging deeper flexibility of muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Developing balance
  • Bringing attention to and improving alignment
  • Developing presence and awareness through a moving meditation

The sequence is a comprehensive conditioning for the body that can support movement practitioners by developing the core foundation of their practice, aiding recovery from physical problems and preventing the risk of long-term injury.

The ability to engage and sustain attention both with an audience and between performers on stage is an important skill for performers of all kinds to hone. On a psychological level, the practising of yoga functions as a form of moving meditation that can assist a practitioner in developing a more sophisticated awareness of the body, and a stronger presence on stage.

Many professional dance companies, performing artists and actors are integrating yoga into their training regimes, to keep their joints and muscles strong, supple and moving smoothly, and to bring an increased attention to their practice. Yoga for Dancers, Performers and Actors is a challenging and focused class that can support your practice from the studio to the stage, and throughout your career.

*Although this class is tailored towards dancers & performers it is open to anyone and everyone who wants to attend.

Yoga stage web poster

Getting into Mysore-style

Mysore-style may sound like some kind of youth slang, but it’s been getting me up very early in the morning to practice yoga, so it must be good. It’s the traditional way that Ashtanga yoga is taught, and it’s called Mysore-style because Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, who developed the Ashtanga sequence, was based in Mysore, India, and people from all over the world still go to his shala there – which is now mostly run by his grandson Sharath Jois– to practice in this particular way.

What happens in a Mysore-style class is that everyone starts their practice and works in their own time. So, unlike a normal class where the teacher calls out the postures, you just work your way through the sequence at your own pace. The teacher comes round and adjusts you in your postures, either helping you with your alignment, or to go deeper with a particular pose. It’s a bit like a one-on-one class in a group setting, because you get a personal engagement with the teacher, but you also reap the benefits of being in a group with other people, which really spurs you on. If you don’t know which postures comes next or you get stuck, you can just wait and the teacher will come over and help you. It’s a really nice, relaxed way to practice.

I’ve been practising yoga for about three years now – I’m still very much a beginner really, but I was bitten by the Ashtanga bug, so when I found out about the early morning classes Matt was running, I was keen to try them out. I can remember asking Matt whether he thought I’d be good enough to go along to them – I thought of it as something for more advanced students, but I soon realised that anyone can go regardless of how long you’ve been practising; it’s actually a really good way of learning the Ashtanga sequence and getting more deeply into your practice, regardless of whether you can reach your toe in trikonasana, or if you can bind in marichyasana D (which I really can’t!).

We start early – 6.00am, and do some breathing exercises, and then we go into the practice until about 7.45am, but I promise you, it’s worth it! Afterwards you feel so good and ready to take on anything. There have been lots of days where I’ve done the Mysore-style practice and then gone straight on to work. When you get to a meeting at 9.00am and everyone else looks half asleep, but you’ve been stretching since six, it really makes you feel like you can take on the world, and any difficult queries your boss or a client has got for you.

For details of the next Mysore-style intensive, click  here

Dani Abulhawa

Watch the video below to see a Yoga Manchester Mysore Class  in action

After the success of the Yoga for Sports weekly session in Didsbury, Yoga Manchester are pleased to announce details of a second weekly class in Chorlton. The session  is at St.Johns primary school in Chorlton  every Monday from June 3rd  6.30pm-7.30pm . For more details click here

In this weekly ‘drop-in’ Yoga class the teacher will be leading students through a sequence of postures designed especially for sports practitioners from all sporting disciplines – whether you play football or rugby , swim or ride a bike Yoga for Sports will help you to improve your overall performance and keep your body in a tip top condition and injury free.

Many top professional athletes including Ryan Giggs , Phil Neville and tennis player Andy Murray are using Yoga to keep their bodies in a top condition which in turn pro longs their career at the highest level. Most premiership football teams are now using Yoga as a way of helping players recover more quickly from physical damage and also to prevent the risk of long term injury.