Nee-ji – the knee guru. The safe knee support for Yoga & Meditation.

5th January 2017 by Matt Ryan

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The nee-ji which was created by Yoga Manchester’s Matt Ryan , can be used to help combat certain aspects of knee pain. It can help people with pain associated with Osteoarthritis, patello-femoral pain (problems associated with the knee cap), calf tension, Achilles tendonosis, “stiff knee”, post knee surgery and restricted range of motion. Its applications are varied depending on the original problem and diagnosis. Please consult your physician or physiotherapist if you have any doubt or concern before using the nee-ji. Use of the nee-ji is at the user’s own risk. accepts no liability for any misuse or damage sustained during its use.

The nee-ji sits behind the knee joint in the fold (popliteal crease) of the knee. The knee is then flexed gently to achieve certain yoga poses. The poses are then held in a static posture allowing a continuous pressure behind the knee.

The nee-ji is made out of low-density flexible foam which provides maximum support and comfort for the user.

For more details of the nee-ji click here

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