Your teacher answers back with Hannah Thomas

3rd February 2016 by Hannah Thomas

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What are you listening to at the moment?

It really varies depending on what I’m doing. But here’s a snapshot of the last week..

To dance around the living room with my daughter it has been Led Zeppelin and The Doors. I’ve been listening to Brian Eno and Harold Budd whilst doing my practice. I have also been decorating so have felt the need to transport myself somewhere else (not very mindful I know), so I’ve been reminiscing whilst listening to old 80’s Madonna songs.

Where would you be teleported to?

I’d head to New York in the late 60’s early 70’s. I’d check in to the Chelsea Hotel and hang out with Dylan, Patti Smith and Hendrix amongst others and try to absorb some of their philosophical and artistic genius.

Where do you buy your clothes from?

I’ve recently discovered TKMax for leggings, which are comfortable and reasonably priced. I choose comfort over style, which is why I am currently sporting bright pink leggings (I don’t really wear bright colours and I’ve never liked pink). Other than that I don’t buy anything from anywhere in particular and have no clue about yoga clothing brands.

What does a regular practice look like for you?

It depends on how much time I have. It has definitely become a greater challenge making time for practice since having a baby. Most mornings it is 45/60mins before I get my daughter up. When I have more time I will do 90mins. I usually do the Primary Series but sometimes I will do a vinyasa flow. I have recently been incorporating 10mins meditation at the end of my asana practice.

Any advice to a yoga beginner?

Try to leave your ego at the door. Be patient. Breathe. Enjoy.

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