David Swenson Yoga Weekend Workshop June 2016

17 Jun - 19 Jun 2016
Gita Bhavan Hindu Temple, 231 Withington Road, Manchester, M16 8LU

David Swenson is back for his 4th visit to Manchester to teach a weekend workshop for Yoga Manchester. Expect lots of fun and laughter as well as a depth of information in all David’s classes. There are some new additions to the workshop including David’s teachings on how to avoid injury, seeking depth in practice and enjoying the yoga ride on Friday evening – not to be missed.

Friday 17th  June 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Pleasant Pursuits of Personal Practice

Avoiding Injury, Seeking Depth and Enjoying the Ride

One of the greatest challenges in Yoga is not the creation of a practice but rather the maintaining of a practice over a long period of time. It is quite easy to get something started or to demolish it but maintenance is the real challenge. In this class David will offer simple, down-to-earth concepts, tools and techniques for maintaining and growing a practice for a lifetime. Life can become overwhelming and it is easy to lose the time for practice and even lose motivation to get on the mat. Acknowledging this dilemma David will offer techniques for the individual to build an effective personal practice within the constraints of a busy life. Using a basic concept of creating a Minimum Daily Practice of 15 – 30 minutes as a foundation to build upon the students will leave with tools to develop their own routine to suit their special circumstances and needs. Whether new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner this class is sure to inspire, encourage and empower all that attend! There will be partner work, sharing and practical applications presented.

Saturday 18th June 9am – 11am

All aboard the Ashtanga Train- Yoga Chikitsa: Primary Series Flow

Dancing with the Breath in a First Series Rhythm

This class is designed for those already familiar with the First Series of Ashtanga Yoga yet it is open to all levels of proficiency from the daily-practicing aficionados to the novice fit-it-in-when-I-can weekend warriors and everyone in between. The class will be conducted like a choreographed dance flowing along all of the way from the opening sun salutations to the closing savasana. David will spend time at the beginning of class to introduce alternatives to some of the more challenging asanas as well as offer user-friendly vinyasa options. There will be time at the end of the flow to enjoy a soothing, deep relaxation.

Required Items: Mat and Breath

Saturday 18th June 12.30pm – 2.30pm

Inversions and Backbends

Building Roots and Growing Confidence

Whether you are frightened of inverting or love to hang out upside-down and whether you have a flexible back or a stiff board-like spine there is much to be learned from David’s insightful tools for building confidence and gaining control in Inversions and Backbends.David will take the class on a journey of exploration into the unseen world of Gravity and share methods of how to utilize this perpetual energy as a stabilizing force for establishing our roots from which we can grow into inversions and backbends with greater ease and more confidence.He will teach the participants methods to expand the front of the body and open the heart rather than collapse the back in order to discover greater depth in a backbend with less effort and more grace and efficiency.David likes to encourage patience when he teaches. He phrases it like this: “The strongest trees in the forest grow the slowest!”Take the seeds of information he shares and plant them within the fertile ground of your personal practice and watch them grow!

Saturday 18th June 3.30pm – 5pm

Breath, Bandhas and Pranayama

Seeking the Unseen and Experiencing the Intangible

Our first act of life as we enter this world is to inhale and our last act before departing is to exhale. Breath is our most elemental form of life and unites all of humanity yet we think little about it. The ancient yogis gave it great thought and in so doing developed intricate methods of harnessing breath to gain control of the mind and to see the world with greater clarity.

This class will delve into the realms of specialized Yogic Breathing as well as the subtle and highly misunderstood internal energy valves known as Bandhas. There is much confusion surrounding these mystical tools and the part they play in the regulation and control of pranic flow. David will share information he gained directly from K. Pattabhi Jois as well as a series of practical exercises he has developed himself to assist the practitioner in gaining a greater understanding of these subtle yet powerful energy gateways of yoga. David has an amazing ability to convey complex ideas in simple terms. All are sure to leave with new insights and useful tools for personal practice regardless of their system.

Come and Feel the Prana!

Sunday 19th June 10.00am – 12.00pm

Second Series Guided Tour

Hop on the Bus and Enjoy a Ride Through Second Series

Many people are frightened of or intimidated by the Second Series of Ashtanga Yoga. But it is truly one of the most fun sequences! David will present the Second Series with great compassion, patience and humor. Students should have a regular practice of the First Series in order to attend this class. David will lead the participants through as much of the Second Series practice as seems appropriate for the group. He will offer alternatives and guidance along the way and explain methods and techniques to make the Second Series asanas feel more accessible and user-friendly. This class is a great way to experience the dynamics of second series in a safe and fun environment.

Sunday 19th June 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Design Your Personally Perfect Practice

Minimal Time and Maximum Results Creating Your Ideal 20 – 30 Minute Flow

In this class David will share techniques for creating an ideal 20 – 30 Minute yoga practice. This class is not Ashtanga specific. Students of ANY system may find useful, powerful and fun techniques for designing an efficient, safe and energizing routine for their specific needs. Many people do not have One or Two Hours per day to practice yet they love their yoga. After taking a poll David found that most people find 20 – 30 minutes to be more realistic. By creating categories of asanas such as warm-ups, standing, balance, seated, forward-bending, backward-bending, twisting, inversions and closing David will share with the students a simple method of creating and personalizing a practice to suit their own individual needs and interests. The practices can be made more difficult or lengthened or made softer or shortened as needed. In the first part of this class the students will be introduced to the categories of asanas and shown options of connecting them. They will then spend some time creating their personal routine and can ask for feedback from David about their chosen sequence. The final phase of the class will be for the students to flow through their newly designed practice while David moves around the room offering suggestions and guidance.

Self-Empowerment Through Designing Your Own Ideal Practice!

Sunday 19th May 4.00pm – 5.30pm

Eight Limbs and Daily Life

Ancient Solutions for Modern Challenges

Underlying the mysterious and complex philosophy of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras there is a truly profound simplicity that may be applied within the context of our daily lives. This class will discuss the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga and explore their applications within the challenges of life. What is the use of Philosophy without real application? We may memorize quotations or stanzas from great writings but unless we can apply them within the fabric of our life they are merely words spoken rather than knowledge realized.

Real Tools for Real Life!


Price £160    – ‘Early Bird’  fee £130  if booked and paid for by Jan 31st 2016.

Individual sessions £35

Please contact us to organise payment by bank transfer

Please note that cancellations within 4 weeks of the event will be subject to a 50 % loss of payment. Total refunds will only be considered in special circumstances. Refunds given outside of the 4 weeks period will be subject to a 20% administration fee.

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