• Yoga Manchester - Geralt

    ‘When I told my mates at work I’d been to a yoga for sports class with Yoga Manchester I thought I would bear the brunt of a few office jokes – but they all wanted to try it too…’

    Geralt Williams

    Yoga for Sports , Wednesdays

  • Yoga Manchester - Dani and Dave

    ‘We wanted to find something we could do together, I really wanted to try salsa but Dave’s got 2 left feet. We settled on a Yoga Manchester class in Withington -that was 5 years ago-we’ve been regulars ever since.’

    Dani and Dave

    Withington, Thursdays / Monthly Mysore Intensives

  • Yoga Manchester - Catherine Penk

    ‘Life can get pretty stressful with two kids, a husband and a full time job. I decided to try out a Yoga Manchester beginners class to see if that could help me relax. After just one session I felt a real difference – even the kids noticed. I’ve now added in a second weekly class for a double dose of feeling great.’

    Catherine Penk

    Heaton Moor, Mondays & Saturdays

  • Yoga Manchester - David Pugh

    ‘A physio recommended I try the Yoga Manchester class in Altrincham to help alleviate some lower back pain I had after a skiing accident – it didn’t take long before the pain subsided and my back started to feel strong again. I’ve given up skiing now and taken up yoga instead!’

    David Pugh

    Altrincham, Thursdays

  • Yoga Manchester - Margaret Roberston

    ‘I first tried yoga 20 years ago but only went to a few sessions.My daughter took me along to a Yoga Manchester beginners class last year and after only 6 lessons I was beating my husband at golf-you can’t keep me away now!’

    Margaret Roberston, 70

    Sale, Mondays / Cheadle, Tuesdays

  • Yoga Manchester - Matt Ryan

    ‘Believe it or not I used to DJ at the world famous Hacienda Club in Manchester. The craziness of nightlife led me to find some more peaceful pursuits and I ended up on a yoga mat next to my mum at a class in Withington. Yoga Manchester was borne out of that all inclusive ethos where it doesn’t matter if you are a DJ or someone’s mum – we’ve always got a spare mat for you.’

    Matt Ryan

    Yoga Manchester founder

Yoga for everyone.

At Yoga Manchester we offer yoga classes throughout Manchester – in Altrincham, Chorlton, Cheadle Hulme, Didsbury, Heaton Moor, Sale and Withington. We believe passionately that yoga is for everyone regardless of size, shape, age, sex or experience, and take pride in creating a welcoming environment for all. Learn more »